Marcus Reeves


Following the glam rock pomp of his debut album 'Quicksilver - The Masquerade Macabre', the soulful 'Three Little Words' and his queer poetry audiobook ‘SIGHS TEN’, Reeves returns to his creative roots with 'Art of Darkness', three songs inspired by famous artists. He says:

"I was originally going to train to be a visual artist before I got into music and as a teenager, reading about Warhol and his factory seemed a decadent, colourful and bohemian world a million miles away from my grey home town of Croydon. When I later wrote 'Postcards from God', a musical about art critic nun Sister Wendy Beckett, it seemed fitting to include a tribute to 'The Campbell's Can Soup-er Man'. The EP also features one of my oldest songs, 'Gilbert & George', which I wrote when I was seventeen, though with its lyrics about 'shit in bright colours', I'm not sure what Sister Wendy would have made of it."

The EP's title track 'Art of Darkness' is a dreamy and dramatic ode to Cezanne, described by one listener as 'Bowie does Bond'. The epic arrangement is a reworking of the song, originally written for 'Postcards from God' but cut from the show and unheard until now. 'Gilbert & George' takes influences from music hall and psychedelic rock to pay tribute to East London's quirkiest power couple. As scatological as their famous paintings, it's a catchy and quirky closer to the EP.

‘Art of Darkness’ is out now via all good digital stores and is also be available alongside a set of three posters exclusively from the Reeves Corner shop.