Marcus Reeves

Next year is gearing up to be an exciting one - I’ve got several releases in the pipeline as well as the fifth anniversary of my album Quicksilver - The Masquerade Macabre and a new production of Postcards from God - The Sister Wendy Musical at South London Theatre. 

This year I looked back to the songs from both those projects and some from the vaults and filmed sixteen YouTube videos I’ll be releasing over Spring / Summer. The recordings are live ‘one take’ versions with myself and my guitarist, intended to show the songs stripped back, without my usual kitchen sink production approach.

As well as putting the songs out via YouTube I also want to release them via digital stores, but sixteen songs is a lot to fit onto an album. It’s been tricky to choose which songs I’d like to include - ideally thirteen, so I’m looking for your votes on which tracks to release and which to keep back. My concerns are that I don’t want to overload this collection with songs that are already available on my existing album - it's intended to cover the whole of my writing career rather than just re-visit previous releases.

If you have time to add any other feedback, that would be great. Some of you will have heard these songs before. Would these versions encourage you to seek out the studio versions? If you haven’t heard the songs before, which ones stand out and why? You don't have to give your details so all comments will be anonymous.

Once I’ve decided on the final tracks and the artwork is complete, you’ll get a free download of the album before it’s released and I’ll also be selecting one listener to get a signed copy of my CD which I’ll be sending out over Christmas.

You can stream the songs via this Soundcloud playlist and vote below (you don’t have to be a Soundcloud member to listen - it may prompt you to join, but you don't need to).

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