Marcus Reeves

Image by Jamie Zubairi

Image by Jamie Zubairi

SIGHS TEN is a darkly comic journey through twenty-first century love and sex, featuring original poems and songs written and performed by Marcus Reeves. Pointed, playful and poignant, the piece reflects on the lust, loss and loneliness encountered while looking for love.

'...a collection that is at times tender, others brutal, and when at its best caustically funny... Reeves is a captivating presence, filling his songs and poetry with sadness and longing and a stinging sense of humour. The work is visceral, and he pulls no punches ... ‘Sighs Ten’ is a body of work that shines a light on the dark side of the modern gay dating scene, and exposes the pain and heartbreak behind the sex.' The LGBTQ Arts Review

Here's an interview about the show from Wandsworth Radio:

SIGHS TEN is available for touring dates. For further details, to watch or hear the full show or read the script, email

The poems from the show are available in a new illustrated chapbook with drawings by Sina Sparrow from the Reeves Corner shop, as an e-book from Amazon and as an audio book via Audible.