Marcus Reeves

SIGHS TEN is a darkly comic journey through twenty-first century love and sex, featuring original poems and songs written and performed by Marcus Reeves. Pointed, playful and poignant, the piece reflects on the lust, loss and loneliness encountered while looking for love. Marcus says:

‘Much of my work has dealt with the personas we create, but in this show audiences can enjoy a much more raw and visceral experience. Revisiting earlier material has given me the opportunity to reframe certain songs and poems, giving new weight to previously ‘throwaway’ work and approaching darker moments with a lighter touch. The direct style of delivery blended with song has been influenced by the queer artists I admire and have performed with including Justin Vivian Bond, Our Lady J and Jonny Woo.’

Whilst SIGHS TEN is predominantly aimed at and has much to say to the LGBTQ community, the work also touches on themes that speak to a broader audience. Alongside familiar and amusing aspects that queer listeners will recognise are insights into a world that those outside the community might discover for the first time. As a mixture of cabaret, spoken word and music, the show would appeal to audiences interested in bold, new, original material. The show can be performed solo with backing tracks or with a three piece band, with arrangements by Michael Roulston (Dillie Keane, Meow Meow, David Hoyle). The hand-drawn projections throughout the show are by popular queer artist Sina Sparrow (Art Fag, Dirty Mind, QU33R).

The piece has received positive feedback and reviews for its honesty and humour:

'...a collection that is at times tender, others brutal, and when at its best caustically funny... Reeves is a captivating presence, filling his songs and poetry with sadness and longing and a stinging sense of humour. The work is visceral, and he pulls no punches ... ‘Sighs Ten’ is a body of work that shines a light on the dark side of the modern gay dating scene, and exposes the pain and heartbreak behind the sex.' The LGBTQ Arts Review

'...a scintillating set of original songs and poetry from the multi-talented Reeves, whose body of work over the past two decades reflects his restless artistic ambition... experiences of love and lust that are not played for laughs, even though his gifts of sharp observation and ironic humor are never absent. “Parallel Lives” and “Nighthawks” are superb, soulful and gloriously melodic pop ballads, showcasing Reeves’ considerable songwriting talent as well as his gorgeous rich, baritone voice... Sighs Ten is an exploration of an artist’s creative terrain in which we are invited to piece together our own meaning from the disparate elements of a fine, beautifully crafted body of work.' Cabaret Scenes

Marcus featured on Wandsworth Radio talking about the show ahead of its run as part of Wandsworth Fringe in May 2018:

Standard PA system, 2 DI boxes and 2 microphones are required for the band show, 1 mic and PA for the solo version. There are no special lighting requirements, however as the show is wholly lit by projections, a working digital projector is essential.

N.B. The show contains adult themes and language.

Click below to download a promo PDF with further information, links to photos and studio recordings of material from the show:


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