Marcus Reeves

Following the glam rock pomp of his debut album Quicksilver - The Masquerade Macabre, the soulful Three Little Words and last year’s Art of Darkness EP, Reeves has joined forces with Canadian singer Alley Bilodeau and American songwriter Sean Mullaney for the soulful new song Spotlight. He says:

“Sean, Alley and I met whilst working on a local theatre production of ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’, where I was playing a rather malevolent version of Herod, with Sean as Jesus and Alley as Mary. Although we didn’t sing together in the show, I brought us together for a one-off gig and we wrote the song to pay tribute to our friends and families who have supported our creative journeys. People have always described my music and style as ‘theatrical’. With ‘Spotlight’ we took that literally and wrote a song from the perspective of a performer, but with a wider message that it’s the love and support of others that gets us through life. We’re hoping the song might prove a touching message for listeners to send online to the ones they love, with #YouAreMySpotlight.”

With a seventies-style full band production, the song sits firmly in the melodic rock genre and has been compared to The Carpenters and Boz Scaggs in his mellower moments. The track features Chris Rand (Bad Manners, Crowd Company, Nine Below Zero) on Sax and Adam Green (Eckoes, Urban Soul Orchestra) on guitar, with Nick Trepka (Boy George, Speech Debelle, George Clinton) producing.

Spotlight is available now from all digital platforms with an accompanying video on YouTube.

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