‘speaks about loving despair with humour and honesty…’


‘Reeves is a captivating presence, filling his songs and poetry with sadness and longing and a stinging sense of humour… at times tender, others brutal, and when at its best caustically funny.’

The LGBTQ Arts Review

'...a scintillating set of original songs and poetry from the multi-talented Reeves, whose body of work over the past two decades reflects his restless artistic ambition... experiences of love and lust that are not played for laughs, even though his gifts of sharp observation and ironic humour are never absent. ‘Parallel Lives’ and ‘Nighthawks’ are superb, soulful and gloriously melodic pop ballads, showcasing Reeves’ considerable songwriting talent as well as his gorgeous rich, baritone voice... Sighs Ten is an exploration of an artist’s creative terrain in which we are invited to piece together our own meaning from the disparate elements of a fine, beautifully crafted body of work.'

Cabaret Scenes